Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Soft Blues and Lace in the Trees

Into the trees again!  Exploring the local trails in the evenings during these shoots has been a great way for me to create a change of pace and slow down to appreciate nature a bit.  It was quite peaceful snapping away while the sun slowly hid behind the trees, casting golden beams of light through the leaves. 

This simple blue style was perfect for an evening stroll on one of the last evenings of September — airy and light, and also blue and calming.  

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 shirt with lace detail.  I love this light blue striped top because it is simple enough to be casual, and also detailed enough to be unique and cute due to the lace back and gathered sleeves.  

Collar Pin.  This is an old clip-on earring that I've had in my jewelry box for years without a match.  The great thing about clip-on earrings is that they can be so versatile!   If you've got a widowed earring, you can use it as a clip like I've done in this outfit, or you could use it in many a DIY project.  I just loved this one so much that I had to find another way to wear it.  

American Eagle Jeans.  Skinny jeans, one of the darker washes.

Vera Bradley Backsack.  In Canyon.  I got this little backpack for Christmas last year from my mom, and it has been a perfect little backpack blessing!   I was never that into two-strapped backpacks throughout school, mostly opting for the one-strap satchel style, but this little sack is the perfect thing for going on a little walk or mini-adventure (which I want to have as many of as possible!).   

- The Lovely Red Fox

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