Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Why I'm Blogging // The Lovely Red Fox Turns Two!

*One of my first Outfit Posts

In some ways it's hard to believe that its only been two years (and two days) since I first started this blog. Part of me feels like I started it just yesterday, and yet another part feels it was ages ago. Pretty much from the moment I started this blog, I knew two things:  I needed the adventure, and I wanted

Friday, March 13, 2015

Birch Branch Curtains

This project. Oh, this project.

This project has gone on far too long.

It was way back in September that I first acquired these beautiful birch branches from my grandparents' cottage up in Ephraim.  It was the day we were leaving, and we had about an hour left to get on the

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Space Styling: Embarking on the Living Room & Life Update

It's been a long while since we moved in (if you'd call 8 months a long while), and it's taken us a bit  of time to get to redesigning our main room.  It's been partly indecision on my end, and some budgeting, but mostly just life getting in the way, as it is want to do from time to time.  But since the holidays have passed by, I've found more and more time to devote to the planning, shopping, and brainstorming involved.  I find myself obsessing over it in most of my free time, so truthfully, our living room is probably primarily to blame for my absence on here for at least the past month.  We'll also throw winter in there as a prime suspect as well.  I actually had a whole post written out about winter doldrums, but  decided not to post it because it wasn't doing anything besides saying that I would be doing something, and the whole thing just seemed pointless.  SO.  On to the living room.  First, I will begin with the token "before" pictures so that when I'm finally done with the project there will be something to compare it to:

And truthfully, these photos do include a little bit of progress, and I probably should have taken them about a week earlier, but I think they're still plenty reflective of the level of chaos that we started out