Saturday, October 31, 2020

Witchcraft on Samhain


This year I've been doing more research into the pagan calendar and it's holidays, which celebrate each of the seasonal equinoxes as well as their midway points — culminating in a way to celebrate each of the seasons and the unique differences and gifts that they bring.  

No holiday on the calendar is more important or valued than Samhain, which is the celebration of the end of harvest.   There are so many ways to celebrate Samhain, such as going on a nature walk to note the changing of the plants through the seasons, adorning your home with pumpkins, acorns and dried leaves, or having a bonfire or feast!

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Pumpkin' Picking


Few fall activities are as close to my heart as going to the pumpkin patch to go yank a pumpkin straight off the vine.  I love the fields scattered with happy little orange dots — pumpkins a plenty on the horizon!!  One thing I'm learning about entering into my third decade though, is that the simple act of awkwardly pulling a pumpkin off the vine can in fact lead to lower back pain two days later!  Who'd have thought?!?  

Regardless, our trip to the patch was a ball, and I loved seeing all the different types of fun pumpkins!

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Cat - O - Lantern


My little fall hiatus at the beginning of this month has really been the start of a larger transition I'm slowly making on this blog.  I spent a lot of time during quarantine weighing how I've been spending my time and the ways in which I've been spreading myself too thin.  I've also been thinking about what is important to me, and what might make things a little easier for me.  

For the whole history of this blog, fashion editorial photo stories have always been the part I've been most passionate about.  Yes, I do enjoy a fun food post here and there, and playing around with some themed posts this summer has been fun as well.  But I kind of came to a realization that if I have a certain number of posts a month, things get a little overwhelming and it gets more difficult to deliver quality for my editorial shoots. 

Friday, October 23, 2020

Hiking in the North Woods


Hiking in the north woods of Wisconsin and Upper Peninsula Michigan as the leaves are changing colors is truly an enchanting experience.  It seemed everywhere I turned, there was colorful foliage just waiting to be captured. I look forward to printing some of these shots extra big to hang up somewhere just to do them justice. 

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Welcome to Candyland


Wouldn't it just be a dream to wander through a land of sweets?  Where candy corns hang off trees, and candy bars are the size of yardsticks? 

If only!

Monday, October 19, 2020

Back to Hogwarts


I've always been a Harry Potter fan, though possibly not as thorough of one as some, I can't tell you which obscure details were lost between the books and the movies, and I don't have all of the backstories of each character memorized by heart.  But I do wonder what a butterbeer would be like in real life, and I do wish I could have been sorted into a Hogwarts house in the proper way, sorting hat and all!

But in all likelihood, I believe I would have ended up in Hufflepuff. Hufflepuffs are known for being patient, fair and hardworking.  I feel like it's the least talked about house, so I was excited to style up what I would wear, were I a Hufflepuff at Hogwarts!