Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Cat - O - Lantern


My little fall hiatus at the beginning of this month has really been the start of a larger transition I'm slowly making on this blog.  I spent a lot of time during quarantine weighing how I've been spending my time and the ways in which I've been spreading myself too thin.  I've also been thinking about what is important to me, and what might make things a little easier for me.  

For the whole history of this blog, fashion editorial photo stories have always been the part I've been most passionate about.  Yes, I do enjoy a fun food post here and there, and playing around with some themed posts this summer has been fun as well.  But I kind of came to a realization that if I have a certain number of posts a month, things get a little overwhelming and it gets more difficult to deliver quality for my editorial shoots. 

I think I've hesitated to really fully focus on these editorial photo stories because I fear that people may come to this blog looking for those other types of posts — and I don't want anyone to lose interest or stop reading.  But really, with a part time job on top of this, managing two online stores, running outfit series on my Instagram and just generally managing my Instagram... you can see it's already becoming a lot for a scatter-brained person to handle and I haven't even mentioned everything yet!  My work and personal lives just start to bleed into one another — because I love what I do, and at what point does a hobby become a profession?  When you spend a certain amount of time on it or when it garners enough income to be justified as such?  Either way I'm in a weird middle grey area on all that and I need to start making it a little clearer to myself I think!

I also had some time vacationing in the north woods and working on a special project for some family earlier this month, and while I'm in the midst of dropping a ton of content here at the end of the month, I'm honestly just pooped and my organization at the beginning of this month was all. over. the. place.  

I'm working on a new direction with all this, suffice to say.  I'm excited and a little nervous, but eager to share with you guys hopefully soon as I work through more of the little details!

Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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  1. Such cute photos! I am so pumped for Halloween!
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