Thursday, March 12, 2015

New Adventures

Sometimes it can be hard to look past our everyday routine and see the new, refreshing things that are just minutes away from us. This sentiment can refer to anything from a new menu option at your local lunch spot, to a new way to spend your afternoon after work.  I'm trying to be more conscious about mixing it up in my everyday activities now that the chill is starting to lift.  I shot these outfit pics after work at a forest preserve that turned out to only be minutes away from my workplace!  I love blogging, so I never want it to feel like actual work.  This way I'm able to use the blog as a way to explore and spend my afternoons doing something outside of the norm.

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 Furry Vest. I found this little gem on the clearance rack last fall when we were putting out old winter sale items and was overcome with joy.  It was an old piece, back from when Forever had their Heritage 1981 brand, which I LOVED so much.  I just love how quirky and strange this furry vest is, and I love incorporating it in my wardrobe.

Forever 21 beaded sweater. I found this piece during the same trip as the one above, and also in the sale section.  It's a little outside of my usual style, but I've started being drawn to some of these pieces with sewn on metallic embellishments.  It's kind of tricky to wash (inside out in a mesh bag), but I am also super loving this piece.

Forever 21 Olive Pants. These pants provide such a great base for a myriad of different outfits featuring more decorative tops or cardigans.

Forever 21 Aztec Rings.  Again, a little outside my usual in terms of style, but I'm finding I like some of these bohemian styles so long as they are neutral and subdued.  You probably won't find me sporting a crazy colorful bohemian print any time soon, but I'm reveling in these metallic prints.

Forever 21 Tribal Print Wallet. Same goes for this as the sweater and the rings.  :)

Forever 21 Flats.  So comfortable.  Seriously, it can be hard to find comfortable shoes, but these are definitely the ticket.  They didn't take any breaking in at all.

- The Lovely Red Fox

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  1. This looks like a cute and warm outfit! I hope the warmth keeps coming your way and melts all that snow!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup