Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Stripes and Leaves

Hello fall friends, it's nice to see you!  Are you ready for jumping in the leaves?  Picking out pumpkins?  Riding on a hay ride with a bunch of random people?  I thought so!  With October beginning, I thought it was fitting that I donned this white and brown striped sweater and black skater skirt, topping it off with an owl necklace (though really, I can go for owls during any season).  

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 striped sweater.  This sweater is one of my favorites in my sweater collection (have I mentioned how excited I am to be diving into my sweater collection???), and it could very well be due to the caramel colored elbow pads on the sleeves.  I am a sucker for elbow pads because I love that they are an added touch to an outfit — something you don't readily notice at first glance, but then BAM!  there they are and you're suddenly in love. 

Forever 21 black skater skirt.  I bought this recently when I went downtown and found myself killing time at Water Tower place (simultaneously a wonderful and terrible idea), and I am very excited to wear it this fall.  A good basic black skirt is something that was missing from my wardrobe, and now that it has found it's place between a ruffled skirt and floral shorts, I am happy to say that it will be a friendly pairing for a lot of my busier fall shirts.  

Express tights.  These tights have lasted far longer than most tights I've owned, and paired well with many of my dresses.  I love getting patterned tights like these diamond print ones.  Very appropriate for the month of Halloween!

Naturalizer heels.  Another Goodwill treasure!  I love the way that these heels are comfortable but also super stylish with the oxford-like laces.

Forever 21 owl necklace.  One of countless in my owl necklace collection.  I added the giant safety pin to it myself, after I found it in my mom's sewing tin.

Gold Pinwheel Earrings.  I got these as a gift from a friend who was getting rid of some of her older jewelry.  They are perfect little gold touches!

- The Lovely Red Fox

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