Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Panic! in the Park

Last week Brendon Urie did an AMA on reddit, and reading through it unearthed some old memories in my brain, namely my love for Panic! at the Disco and the way that their music and wardrobe styles have influenced me.  I have a ton of respect for Brendon whom, despite being the soul remaining original member in the group, approaches his work with even more voracity than before.  I feel like the amount of emotion he puts into his music is how I feel inside, but rarely let out to the world.  Truth be told, I put too many walls up, and over-think things way too much.  

If I had to cite key influences in my personal style (or rather my ideal personal style, whether I actually achieve it or not), they would boil down to Panic! at the Disco, Zooey Deschanel, the clotheshorse, and Emily Henderson.   I also find myself wondering about the exact scope of this blog.  I don't think that a person's personal style is limited to their wardrobe, and I want my blog to reflect the rest of what I consider my personal style as well.  Things to work on, I suppose.  

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 Sheer blouse and black capsleeve turtleneck. I don't really like turtlenecks.  But I think that's because I associate them with the awkward fabrics and patterns that plagued the turtlenecks of the 90's.  This one is much more comfortable, and even has adorable little cap sleeves to boot!

Forever 21 sheer blouse.  I love this blouse so much.  The problem is, I'm always drawn to these sheer tops in stores and then never know what to layer them with!  I finally put this blouse and turtleneck together, and this post was born.  Not to mention, I am in love with this collar.  So much in love.

Urban Outfitters bird belt. Drew's mom gave me this for christmas a few years ago, and it remains one of my favorite belts ever.  In this case, it adds a little vintage touch to this black-heavy blouse/ turtleneck combo, and in other situations it creates the perfect contrast with colored shirts or dresses.

American Eagle skinny jeans.  A definite staple in my closet.

Once Lost clock ring.  An adorable little ring that I found at a local art fair this past summer. 

Goodwill shoes. Yet another win for the Goodwill shoe section. 

Hot Topic Panic! at the Disco tote.  I bought this tote bag quite a ways back — at least 7 years ago now, and have loved it every day since.  The rhinestone pin was something I added to it, but I think it looks pretty fitting to my style.   Paisley is one of my favorite patterns, and definitely contributes to my interest in this bag.

Scandanavian Frames.  My reading glasses.  There's not much to say other than it is very difficult to pick out frames that actually fit "you" right.  I got these back in high school, and no matter how many other frames I try on for fun at stores, none have compared to these.  So I hope they never break.  *knock on wood*.

An added note:  The whole time I was shooting for this post, there were acorns falling from the trees.  I was so scared they were going to hit me or my camera setup.  Thankfully we all got out unwounded!

- The Lovely Red Fox

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