Friday, October 4, 2013

Pumpkin Patchin'

This week while visiting Champaign, I made sure to add going out to a pumpkin patch to my to do list.  After Drew got off of work we scampered out to Curtis Apple Orchard to frolic with the pumpkins!   We went last year with my mom and grandma, and that had been the first time I'd ever been to a pumpkin patch.  They are just as adorable as you would imagine.  We got out there late in the day, so we couldn't stay long, but Drew was able to help me get some shots of  this pumpkin-inspired fall outfit before we hurried back to the Orchard shop to grab some apple cider and donuts!

Styling this outfit was a challenge that started almost two years ago.  I have always had issues with the color orange.  I'm more drawn to just about any other color, but a few years ago I found myself buying this orange shawl partially for a halloween costume, and partially to try to prove myself wrong on the orange front. 

I've tried figuring out an outfit for this shawl a few times recently, and each time it just feels oddly off.  This pairing with a ruffly patterned dress, leggings, and tall boots was just the perfect combination for it.  Not to mention that slipping my hands in the shruggy pockets whilst in a breezy pumpkin patch was the perfect picture of fall!

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 shawl.  Finding a favorite fall styling for this orange shruggy shawl?  Check. 

Heritage 1981 dress.  I am not sure if this store still exists, because it was a division of Forever 21 and I haven't seen anything from H81 in F21 in a while.  I got this dress from the Heritage 1981 store in Woodfield mall a while back, and subsequently wore it all the time for quite some time.  Its been in storage for a while, and I dug it out to style with this shawl. I love the buttons and ruffles in the front, as
well being the perfect length to layer with leggings. 

Vintage Brooch.  This brooch is vintage and passed down to me by my grandmother.  I have a few flower brooches like this, and I can't wait to wear all of them on this blog!

Carrie's Vintage heart necklace.  Drew got me this for Christmas a couple years back from Carrie's Vintage in Champaign.  I love it and I wear it almost daily.  

Old Navy Jeggings.  I know jeggings are kind of over now, but I really like how they worked for this outfit. 

Walmart boots.  I bought these a while ago, and when I bought them I thought they were olive-colored.  I was actually happy to discover they were in fact brown.  I don't own many tall shoes like this, but maybe I should!  They were perfect for pumpkin' patchin', and the perfect height to balance out all the shirt/dress lengths of this outfit!

This post was photographed at the Curtis Apple Orchard, with camera work by Andrew Anastasia under the direction of The Lovely Red Fox.

- The Lovely Red Fox

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