Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rustles in the Trees

This week is quite north woods themed, due to my excursion into the wilderness over the weekend.   Visiting my grandparents' cabin in northern Wisconsin is always very calming — the perfect way to clear your head.  Drew and I got the chance to enjoy a nice walk down our road amongst our leafy friends.

Often we would look back over our shoulders for cars, as we are so attuned to do, coming from highly urbanized homes.  Each time we turned to watch for a car we realized that the sounds we heard were in fact just the wind racing through the trees.   How complicated we make the simplest things. 

The Outfit and About it:

Celebrity. pink Forever 21 pants.  I got these pants a while ago from forever 21, and they had them in many different colors.  I really love them, and was tempted to get them in brown and maroon as well, but held myself back.  They are comfortable and work well with many types of shoes!

Goodwill vest.  I found this recently at Goodwill... in the children's section.  I just happened to be passing by the racks when I noticed the fun plaid pattern, and did a double take.  It was apparently designed as a little boy's vest, but I tried it on and it fit better than some of the vests I own that are actually made for juniors, ha!  I guess that just goes to show that just because the world is laid out one way, that doesn't necessarily mean we have to go along with it.  Carve your own vest-shaped paths, friends!

Goodwill goldenrod shirt.  I found this shirt about five minutes after the aforementioned vest.  It's a little big on me, but I think it works fine with things layered over it, and can otherwise function as an oversized blouse.  I really dig the rounded triangle-like collar, and of course the goldenrod color (is this my favorite color now?).

This post was made with photography assistance from Andrew Anastasia.

- The Lovely Red Fox

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