Friday, October 18, 2013

The Other Side

A lot of my style choices often hinge on mixing newer items with older, vintage style pieces.  And as an added trend, I tend to gravitate toward wearing things that I've just bought, and thus go through phases of what piece I'm into "this week".  I'm trying to get a hold on that, as I don't want my outfits to get too repetitive on here, and I also just want to make my everyday styling less predictable, and more organic.

That being said, I couldn't help but feature that vest I got from Goodwill from last week's post once more.  As an added perk to it being only $2 from the boys section, it is also reversible ... what?  Yes.  Seriously the best $2 I've ever spent.  So here is the other side of my newfound vest, paired with the white version of the shirt I wore in this previous post.  I was pleasantly surprised with the pairing.  

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 white silk button down.  My favorite thing about these shirts is the collar clips.  I am a sucker for any sort of interesting collar, especially decorative collar clips.

Goodwill Vest.  I'm loving the reversible aspect of this vest, but unfortunately it also means that there were no tags, so I have no idea who made it.  I am particularly happy about the pairing of this vest with the white shirt, as I am often unsure what to wear with it.  White always makes me feel self-conscious, and I think this vest was the perfect layering piece to compliment it.

Vintage berry hat.  This was passed down to me by my grandmother, and also has no identifying tags. I've often tried to style it, and thought it mostly looked silly, but I'm actually pretty happy with the way it works here.

American Eagle Skinny Jeans.  A darker wash.  Again, my favorite jeans ever.  Someday I will do a whole post, just about how I feel about jeans, and these jeans in particular.

Revolution dance shoes.  Okay, they're dance shoes.  Shoes are definitely something I'm trying hard to keep mixed up, as I only have a few pairs of most of the matchable colors of shoes, and I don't want to keep  wearing the same ones (though it's kind of inevitable, because I can't buy new shoes all the time).  These were from a high school musical I was in.  They are very comfortable, and while perhaps they aren't for walking around town (they are thin, and don't have a full sole on the bottom), they would be perfectly awesome for a picnic in the park or something indoors.

Estee Lauder little red suitcase.  I got this from a yard sale my sophomore year of college, along with a silver tea service set, and a bunch of vintage-looking tins.  I literally got all of it for free, because they were packing up and just trying to get rid of the stuff.  I was happy to give it a home (hold on a moment while I go try to calm down the hoarder in me)!

- The Lovely Red Fox

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