Friday, October 11, 2013

The Last Day at the Cabin

I'm closing out the week with the pictures I took the last morning of our trip to the north woods.  My mother and I both spent handfuls of moments staring out at the lake wondering to ourselves, "How can we turn around and leave when we're looking at something so beautiful?"  

It was a chilly morning as I trampled down the steps of the cabin one last time to race to the bottom of the hill and gaze across the lake.  How do we save moments like these?  How do we hold on to these feelings?  I hope that I get to go up there again next summer before my grandparents sell the cabin. It is incredible to think that my grandfather built it himself.

It seems like the years slip by like water through your fingers, and I am the person trying so hard to cup my hands so that the water can't escape my grasp.  Change has always been a very difficult thing for me to embrace.  I am always trying to preserve my memories so that I can call upon them and relive them once again.

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 sheep sweater.   Who would have thought that a girl who names her blog The Lovely Red Fox would like animal sweaters?

Forever 21 skater skirt.  I know I posted an outfit with this skirt just last week, but I'm kind of really in love, guys.

Goodwill shoes.  Yet another Goodwill shoe success.  These are not the most comfortable of shoes, but I loooove the green color and the adorable golden elephants!

Urban Outfitters fingerless gloves.  I got these a few years ago for christmas from my grandma, and I adore them!

- The Lovely Red Fox

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