Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Falls in Fall

This week I've been out and about adventuring in a big way.  I went up to the north woods with my family and Drew, where the trees are abounding with beautiful shades of oranges and yellows and reds.   Imagine miles upon miles of beautiful trees, all bursting with color, intermixed as far as the eyes could see.  Drew and I didn't even listen to music during our 7 hour car trip — we were too in awe with our surroundings. 

While we were up in the north woods, we visited some local falls to further our nature lovin'.  It was so serene listening to the waters rushing over the rocks whilst many a ripe leaf came fluttering down in its own crooked path to settle in the waters and get carried away downstream.  

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 sweater.  This sweater was found on the clearance rack at F21, and came with the ribbon bow.  The size is actually technically too small for me, but I feel like it still works (possibly even better than my rightful size would have!) with the use of a longer undershirt. 

Forever 21 floral pants.  I am a big fan of floral pants and am always on the lookout for comfortable, non- jean pants to wear.  This pair is one of my favorites, and perfect for a fall wardrobe!

Forever 21 brown shoes.  I love simple shoes like these.  They are comfortable and match so many things. 

Forever 21 fox ring.  Particularly fitting for the north woods, which are abounding with wildlife. 

This post was photographed at Bond Falls in Michigan, with select photographs shot by Andrew Anastasia.

- The Lovely Red Fox

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