Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Review

Since nostalgia has always been a key theme in a lot of the work I've done, I wanted to try out a post that pulls together some of what I considered key styling moments of the past month.  Whether it was a significant addition to my wardrobe, or a sentimental marker, I think its always good to look back and reflect, so here we go:

Elbow patches and skirts

October rolled around and it suddenly became time for tights to be worn.  I picked up this pleated skirt
to serve as a nice complement to some of my fun fall sweaters, like this striped one with caramel-colored elbow patches.

I went on a fun adventure in a local pumpkin patch, frolicking amongst the vines with Drew helping with the picture-taking.  This shoot also represents my orange challenge, and my challenge to make this orange sweater work in a way that I truly felt comfortable in.

Also in October, I went on a trip to the north woods with my family and Drew.  While we were there, we went up to bond falls and got a lot of lovely images amongst the rocks, leaves, and waterfalls.

Drizzle Days

Even on the rainy days I was determined to go out and adventure.  Sometimes the rainy days make for the best lighting, anyways.  It was the perfect opportunity to wear these woodsy high-waisted shorts, and chunky knit sweater.

- The Lovely Red Fox

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