Friday, November 1, 2013

Muted Tones of Fall

I'd have to say that while blue is not my favorite color as a color, it is one of my favorite colors in clothing.  I think I'm really drawn to blue in my wardrobe because of my blue/grey eyes because it helps make them look bluer.  I've not thought too much about it, but recently I've started taking note to the prevalence of blue in my closet in comparison to other colors. 

I also think I may be drawn to blue because it is so versatile throughout the seasons.  It seems to find its niche in each season in a different way, and thus it tends to pair well with many other colors.  In the fall I tend to opt for a navy blue shade, and I like to complement it with deep reds, olive greens, or golden yellows.

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 military jacket.  I love a good military style jacket or sweater.  It makes me think back to my drum major days in high school, though in those days we had capes, not sparkly blue detailing and silver buttons!

Forever 21 lace dress.  One of what I would consider "iconic dresses" in my wardrobe.

Forever 21 heels.  These were given to me by my old roommate and good friend Alayna.  They were her favorite shoes, so I feel a special duty to wear them well!  I think they are the perfect pop of color to this deep blue outfit, and they are brought out by the maroon tones in the trees.  

Forever 21 necklace and ring.  While I usually opt for gold-toned jewelry, this outfit really seems to call for silver, and these woodland creature-themed pieces are perfect!

- The Lovely Red Fox

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