Friday, November 8, 2013

Explosions on Branches

Fall is a whirlwind of color that is there one instant and gone the next, much like explosions.  There is only a small window in which we may enjoy or view the spectacle of an explosion, and the same is true for the beautiful colors on the leaves this season.  I urge you to go out and take a wander.  

I have come to yet another clearing much like the one I mentioned about a week ago.  I will need a bit of time to reassess, and determine what kind of schedule will work for me in the coming months.  Sorry to keep you in the dark, but perhaps you can fill your minds with the colors of these beautiful leaves until I can fill you in more.   Whatever happens though, wonderful things are ahead!  As a result, there may be a bit of radio silence in the next week, so you've been forewarned!

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 striped sweater.  I got this on the clearance rack about a year ago, and my favorite feature is the buttons on the shoulders. 

Forever 21 black pleated skirt.  Relatively new, an adorable staple piece.

Etsy pocketwatch. From a seller that is no longer active.  Unfortunately, it needs to be repaired.  I think I accidentally hit it against one too many things.  :/

H & M vest.  Love love love this vest.  And it pairs nicely with the buttoned shoulders of the sweater.

Once Lost clock ring.  From a jewelry maker I discovered this summer at an art fair.

Simply Vera tights. Simply awesome.

- The Lovely Red Fox

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