Friday, September 27, 2013

Late September with a Pop of Red

It's late september folks, and pretty soon the leaves are going to start turning shades of orange and red, and wearing cute airy dresses like this one won't be so easy (bring on the tights and long sleeve shirts!).  For now though, donning this strapless dark floral print seems like just the right thing.  With school now being in full swing it does seem odd to no longer be all set up with a schedule of classes, new books and crisp new notebooks.

One thing does seem to stick with me though, despite my school days having come to an end — September will always be accompanied with an affinity for color palettes like this one.  It seems like it's just the perfect september outfit, with the dark floral pattern and the pop of red in the belt.  Plus, the little golden owl ring is even wearing glasses.  How studious of him!  

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 dress & belt.  I spotted this dress at F21 just before I started working there last summer.  I was instantly in love and still am. 

Forever 21 White shawl.  I'm sure this shawl will be featured many a time on this blog, as it seems it is the perfect piece to ground many busy outfits, like the crazy floral pattern in this dress.  

Sand Dollar Earrings.  These are clip-ons that I've had in my jewelry box for quite some time.  

Studious Owl Ring.  This ring was a gift from my boyfriend's mom.  She knows how much I love owls!  

- The Lovely Red Fox

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