Sunday, September 15, 2013

Feathers and Dots

I went through a period of time in which the only store I shopped at was Forever 21, and as a result, a lot of my closet consists of Forever 21 purchases.  That being said, Forever 21 often has a very wide variety of styles of clothing in their store, and most of the time I gravitate toward the odd items — a two toned leotard with a big collar, a pair of overall shorts in a purple floral print, and a one-size fits all collar insert are all examples of crazy and unique purchases I've found there.

Exploring the world of fashion blogging has allowed me to question what exists in the fashion world outside of the local malls.  So, while I do have a good deal of awesome items from Forever 21, I hope to diversify my closet, and really make it a melting pot of items from many different sources.  So in the mean time, bear with me through these very Forever 21 heavy outfits.  :) 

What are your shopping guilty pleasures?  What stores do you keep going back to, and what's your all-time favorite purchase?

The Outfit and About it:
- Black ruffle dress from Forever 21
- Polka dot mustard shirt from Forever 21.   I think this yellow may be one of my favorite colors, and consequently, this may be one of my favorite shirts. 
- Waist belt from my mother's closet
- Black mini hat with veil from Hot Topic
- Gold owl necklace from Forever 21
- Shoes from Payless, my go-to black flats

Have a lovely day!
- The Lovely Red Fox

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