Thursday, September 5, 2013

I was Once Lost, but now I'm found: An Artist Profile

This past labor day weekend I headed out and perused the works of the many artisans participating in the Deerpath Art League's 59th Annual Juried Fine Art Show.  It was intense.  There were easily
hundreds of artists showing their work, and each was unique and intricate and beautiful.

One of my favorites at the fair was Once Lost Jewelry, owned by Michelle Harris.  Her home base is Columbus Ohio, but she is currently traveling about the US selling her creations and will be at the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago this coming weekend located on Division St (I'll see you there, craft lovers!).

So, reasons why I instantly fell in love with this antique-trinket-collecting jewelry maker?   The first is that she uses watch parts from the 1940s and 50s  in a lot of her pieces.  How awesome is that?  There's so much history in each piece, and they also very clearly cry out, "steampunk!" which is an instant seller for me.  :)

The second is somewhat related to the first, but I will list it as reason #2 anyways.  It's all in the name, Once Lost.  I love that she's repurposing trinkets that people have otherwise disregarded.  Reviving old objects into things that are new and relevant and desired is something I am behind 100%.   I get so sad when I see things being thrown that are of quality and could be used to make beautiful things again (though, this could also easily turn me into a hoarder, so I should be careful).  According to her website for Once Lost Jewelry, she came from a family of jewelers and antique dealers.  This entrepreneurial spirit found an incredible way to marry her love for jewelry and antiques and share them with the world.

The third reason is somewhat simple, but nonetheless very important.  I love the detail she has put into not only her pieces for sale, but her whole display.  The pieces were pinned to mannequins, perched atop vintage books, arranged in levels on objects that looked like cogs or gears, and pinned to vintage looking frames.  The whole setup was inviting, striking, and showcased the work in a fitting setting.

I ended up buying a ring with an old clock face on it, that still has both the numbers and hands on it (the picture is of my own ring stand, not how the ring was displayed at their shop):

I also loved this necklace with a fox on it. How fitting for The Lovely Red Fox!

Once Lost Jewelry will be at the Chicago Renegade Craft Fair this weekend, and their booth will be on Division St.  Go check out their booth, it's incredible!  Check back here later this week for another artist profile from last weekend's art fair.  

Have a lovely thursday!

- the Lovely Red Fox

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