Saturday, September 21, 2013

Moments on Film

I realized recently that I never shared these images with anybody via the interwebs, due to all the craziness that was the end of college.  So this post is dedicated to sharing with you some of my favorite
shots from my darkroom class of my final semester.   

As with most of my work, they are based in a mood of nostalgia, and the feeling of sitting and thinking about the past.  These photos were photographed on 120 film with a Hasselblad, and printed in the dark room on Oriental Warm Tone Fiber paper, and later toned with Selenium to create the red tone you see in the images.

I hope one day to be able to go back to the darkroom and print more fine prints.  There is something so calming about hearing the sinks running, and slowing down to adjust even the most minute details to get the right print.  Hopefully one day Drew and I will combine our photography and chemical interests and build a darkroom in our one-day house.  Then we could really dive into crazy chemical processes and make some really cool things. 

See you again soon!

 - The Lovely Red Fox

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