Friday, September 20, 2013

Black and White and Patterned All Over

I know I probably went a little (lot) overboard with the amount of pictures in this post, as I tend to get a little carried away shooting sometimes, what with cropping the frame in different ways and getting different aspects of an outfit.  Sometimes I'll spend 20 minutes just staring at two photos, trying to figure
out which one of them is "better", when just about the only thing that is different is which side of the bag is being shown, or one has the sleeve in focus, but the other caught the light really nicely on that button... it goes on.   So you get all nine of them today.  While I was in Champaign last week, I shot these style pics with the assistance of my boyfriend Andrew (thanks, boyfriend! :) ).  So without further ado, the plethora of images we got of this black and white outfit:

We shot at the library in Urbana, because I was particularly drawn to the light grey exterior of the building, and as an added score, we happened upon the trellis bench, and I was over the moon.

The Outfit and About It:
- Dress and belt from Forever 21.  I bought this dress for my portfolio review in the spring along with an awesome black blazer that has since disappeared.  I have seriously lost sleep wondering where that blazer went.  If I find it it will be the first thing I post.  It seriously is the best blazer I've ever bought.  
- Earrings from Forever 21
- Shoes from Goodwill (Steve Madden)
- Bag from shopruche.  I love this bag so much.  The handle alone is enough for any girl to fall in love, but throw in the fact that it's big enough to fit my portfolio but not so big that it's bulky, and we've got a winner folks.
- Locket from Drew as a present, containing a fine print of Drew that I shot and printed myself in the darkroom.

Until next time,
- The Lovely Red Fox

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