Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Overalls in the Woods

In working on this blog I've found that it's insanely awkward to take pictures of yourself semi-daily.  Its not that I'm necessarily camera shy rather, I'm more people shy!  I try to plan out the outfits I'm going to wear, but the real challenge is locations.  I'm trying not to repeat anything, so I've tried a couple places around our yard, and a few in other places in our neighborhood.  It seems that every place I go, I run into people walking their dogs.  It's crazy awkward to be standing there in heels avoiding eye contact whilst pretending to focus on my camera setup, when all I'm really thinking is "Don't mind me here, I'm just a crazy person takin' pictures of myself!".

So my new solution is seeking out less populated places, like this wooded path.   As a definite added plus, the path was perfectly lit for these photos! 

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 Overalls.  I saw these last summer when I was working there, and I couldn't contain my joy.  For some reason I love all things that are tops & bottoms attached (okay, maybe not all things), and add in the bows, polka dots, and floral print, and that's all a girl could ask for, really.  Not to mention that they're shorts overalls and... cute

Forever 21 Shirt.  One of my go to basic shirts that pairs well with lots of things, including these purple and blue overalls!

Forever 21 Heel Boots.  Which I've also styled here.

- The Lovely Red Fox

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