Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Well Poke a Dot and Call me Plaid

I have a definite love affair with ties.  All types and shapes, I love 'em.  I especially love this tie paired with this crazy plaid shirt because I think the two patterns actually complement each other well with
their bold colors.  Sometimes when I try to style together an outfit involving a tie it seems too stuffy or rigid, or it just looks awkward with my body type (by which I mean being a girl).  But I am a huge advocate of girls wearing ties, and I think there's a lot of examples of it that look awesome out in the world.  One being Spencer's character in Pretty Little Liars (my newfound tv addiction).  She wears a ton of ties in her outfits and they are awesome (and I'll probably end up posting more about that eventually).  I digress.

I think the pairing of these two lively patterns makes this styling of a tie less serious, and simply a fun outfit. 

The Outfit & About it:
- The green and blue plaid shirt was found at Meijer  (A midwestern grocery chain). What?!  That's right. I found this version and another color combo of it and fell in love instantly.  Not only do I like the fun lively plaid, I also love that they are super soft and comfortable and also moveable.  I could sleep in one of these shirts, they are so comfortable!

- The red polka dot tie was a Goodwill find, and the brand on the back denotes its origination from Carcharel, a french clothing company.  So that's awesome.

 - The green ladybug pin has been in my jewelry box forever, and was probably passed down at some point from a relative. 

- The "L" pin is something I got from Renegade this past weekend, from Miss Amy Jo (missamyjo.com), who is a graphic designer/ poster designer.

- The jeans are American Eagle skinny jeans, one of the darker washes.  Seriously the only jeans that fit me right.

- The shoes are from Forever 21, and one of my favorite styles of shoes. 

- The glasses are Scandinavian Frames, and the only ones I own.  I got them from my local optometrist, but apparently they are a Swedish company, so that's cool because I'm part Swedish. 

- The socks, which you can barely see, are from Forest Bootery, which is local to the northern Chicago suburbs, and the brand on them is Hot Sox.  I hesitated to include them because they weren't so intentional for the outfit, but they deserve a mention because they are the best feeling socks ever.  There must be some sort of silk in the fabric blend, they are awesome, and I'd definitely recommend them.  

A lot of favorites in this outfit, apparently!  I love making these posts because they allow me to recall, reminisce and reaffirm my love of the clothing I've got in my closet.  I get real excited to get dressed each day, and not just in a way that "will do" for the day.  So here's to styling the next fun outfit!  

Have a lovely Tuesday night!

- The Lovely Red Fox

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