Friday, October 30, 2015

Pumpkins in Pictures

Happy Halloween!  While I won't be posting on actual halloween, this seemed like the perfect outfit post to sum up the week.  I love that this shoot had a haunted quality to it, what with all the dark tones and all.  I feel like my love for elaborate collars comes out around this time of year and
stretches through November.  I have a number of collared shirts to play with and I am forever intrigued by how different ties and necklaces can make an outfit.

Another big trend that comes into play this time of year is texture — whether it be faux fur, lace, metallic beading, leather, shearing, etc. balancing some texture into your wardrobe is key to having a really stunning outfit.  I am excited to be adding some fun new textures to my wardrobe this year, including suede and metallic beading.  What's your favorite texture this fall?

- The Lovely Red Fox

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