Friday, October 9, 2015

Space Styling: Eating Nook

When we first moved into our apartment we had to ask ourselves, 'how on earth can we fit an eating area into this space?!?'.  Thus, I continued to ponder the question for many a pondering session, and in the end this was the solution!  Though I'm not showing you the entire space here, I'd like to explain
that the living room is all one big box area.  I think it really comes down to visualizing your furniture to break down conversation areas or "moments" of functional space.  I just found a great tool for space planning the other day that can make this concept a little easier.  Additionally, it helps to not anchor all your furniture to walls.  Breathe, and feel free to break it up a little bit.

Our eating nook is not really that much of a 'nook' per se, but it does feel like it's own little moment, since it is raised up and has the hanging rope lighting.  I've always loved the more elevated seating at restaurants, and I wanted to create that vibe for our table.  I found the pub table at Goodwill for $40 (seriously, it was a miracle.  As I was searching the furniture section for that 'perfect' table, two employees brought this out of the back room and set it down right in front of me, I kid you not.), and I think it was originally a Target piece.  The counter chairs we actually did get from Target, for $80 a pop I think (plus I think there was also some sort of online deal and free shipping, what can I say, Target is amazing).  The rope lighting and the lampshade are both from World Market, which has an impressive array of lampshades in all shapes, colors and sizes (and it's even more impressive in-store).  This particular one was made to be reversible for both pendant and table/floor lamp usage, a trait you don't often see in lampshades.  It was surprisingly difficult to find shades that are usable for pendant hanging, but still so worth it for the result. 

All in all, I love our eating space and I love that we were able to incorporate this aspect of life into our apartment.  For a while there I really wash't sure if it was going to work; the anxiety of not being able to find the kind of piece you need to complete the space, and the challenge of understanding chair/ table clearance heights (so much confusion and sitting on makeshift "chairs"(aka piles of pillows) with a measuring tape to figure out proper height.  You'd think there would be a standard, really).  It was all worth it though, when you find that last piece of the puzzle and it all comes together.  Persist people, persist!

- The Lovely Red Fox

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