Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Space Styling: The Coffee Table

Welcome all to our coffee table.  I recently hit up Home Goods in a moment of weakness, and the upside is that a nicely styled coffee table came out of it and it doubles as something great to share
with you all.  :).  I love Home Goods so much.  Every time I go there I find something unique, something I'm not expecting, and something inspiring. They have so much cheap dish ware, home decor, furniture, art, you name it.  The only downside is that you can't shop online, but I guess that's what you get with the treasure chest shopping experience.  Regardless, I always leave #homegoodshappy.  :)

The full story of the coffee table dates back further than the HomeGoods day of glory however, back to when I had this wonderful old window as our coffee table.  Long story short, it had an unfortunate run in with a foot and the glass cracked right down the middle, something that because of the detailing on the edges, would cost upwards of $600 to fix.  Maybe one day I'll cough up the dough for that, but it's not a day in my near future, that's for sure.  Besides, we ended up finding this great Perdana Mudhut coffee table from Target, and I'm loving it.  Its actually better than the glass in some ways because its not as big depth wise, and leaves more clearance in front of the TV. 

The best part of the new table styling is that the square shape really lends itself to a clean styling presentation.  I can establish the tray area for design elements, and leave the rest as functional space, and it still looks clean, purposeful, and useful. I decided to balance my styling elements by creating a big moment with the glass terrarium bowl, juxtaposed with a collection of small things on a stack of seasonally relevant books that I love.  The whole table is in keeping with the color palate of the room, but also looks a little rustic for fall. 

I love that I was able to incorporate one of my little blue pottery pieces I picked up in Maine, and then tie the whole thing together with the rustic bowl filler from Home Goods with just the right touch of blue for the room!  My other favorite is the coasters because they are wood and marble and so much heavier than they look.  Because they are marble (possibly not really marble, but definitely a stone) they get really cold when you put a cold drink on them and subsequently they keep your drink colder longer. Beautiful, stylish, and keep your drink cold?  I'm sold. Litterally. They were something like $7. What's not to love????  

- The Lovely Red Fox

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