Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Terrier Prep

So lately I've been watching random reruns of Gossip Girl and Gilmore Girls on Netflix, and I have to say the whole 'prep school vibe' is seeping into my personal styling a little.  It certainly isn't a bad thing, either.  Styling a tie into this outfit pulls it together in a preppy way, and I was so glad that my boyfriend had the perfect chambray tie to really play off of the collared plaid.  Add a vintage tie clip from my grandma, and call it a cricket match!

I never had to wear a uniform to school, and my friends that had to always seemed to dislike them, but plaid skirts and ties have always appealed to me regardless.  Maybe it's only because I was never required to wear them that I have an affinity for them, but I suppose that's the best scenario.  I've got all the enjoyment but none of the requirements!

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- The Lovely Red Fox

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