Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fall Mix Up: 12 pieces // 8 outfits

For today's game of style mix up we have 12 lovely fall players.  The rules are simple: start with 3 shirts, 3 accessories, 3 layering pieces and 3 bottoms or onesies, and mix it up!  The point being that
with 12 great pieces you can make enough style savvy outfits to last a week as long as there is a good balance of statements and neutrals.  Let's go over our players for this round:

3 Tops: 

A white sweater top with crochet detailing, a dark based floral print, and a grey on grey print top

3 Accessories:

A cable knit cream pom pom beanie, a quirky pin, and a statement necklace

3 Layering Pieces:

A mustard cardigan, a whimsical plaid, and a longer green striped cardigan

3 Bottoms:

A black pinafore, a bright button front suede skirt, and a classic pair of high waist blue jeans

Let the games begin!

Outfit One

This first outfit is fun and quirky, with a classic print and a great pop of color for fall.  I am one for cream and white crochet (though not the fringy kind) through November because I think it does have a place in the whole Thanksgiving scene.   Pair this look with some tights or leggings and some black booties or knee boots and you're good to go!

Outfit Two

This outfit is a little more casual, you could probably hit the leaf piles in this!  This would be suited for a day when its a little chillier and you'd need that double long sleeve layer and a hat.  This would pair well with some brown oxfords or other flats. 

Outfit Three


For this one you can definitely use the versatility of the classic button down to your advantage.  I love that they can be used as both a layering piece and a shirt when needed.  In this look your plaid would be the shirt layered under the pinafore dress, and the collar is embellished by a big statement necklace.  Pair with some black combat boots to keep the silhouette of the A line pinafore the key player shape wise. 

Outfit Four


Look number four is classic with the use of two textured neutrals balancing out a bold color.  Keep it interesting with a fun statement necklace and pair with tights or leggings and combat boots for an edgy touch.

Outfit Five

This outfit demonstrates that just because you are working with a dress does not mean it always needs to function as one.  Layer your floral shirt and cardigan over the pinafore to utilize the skirt portion.  Finish off the look with a deep color of lipstick and a tights/ brown boot combo. 

Outfit Six

Embrace the darker colors of fall by avoiding bright tones and playing with deep olives, navies, or even burgundy and dark brown.  This outfit is casual and fun and would be great with some brown boots or flats. 

Outfit Seven

Or go the opposite of outfit six and embrace the wild colors of the trees!  Pair two pop colors with a print of a neutral and blaze the trail!  Leggings, boots, and some tall socks would finish this look off in the best way. 

Outfit Eight

Finally, we have the classic collar under sweater look.  The print mixing here works because one print is monochrome neutral, and the other is crazy and bold.  It's brought back into acceptability with the grounded denim, and given a final touch with a fun pin.  Finish it off by cuffing the denim and wearing a great pair of oxfords!

While these aren't all the possible combinations of these pieces, they were my favorite ones for fall.  Tune in next time for more mixing it up!

- The Lovely Red Fox

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