Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Festive Leaf Printables for your Autumn Life

Happy Fall, all!  As seems to be the tradition around here, I've come up with a fun printable paper project to help you get your fall on at your lovely abode this season.  I've made this one a little different than past paper garlands though — I put a little more emphasis on the paper medium being
used.  You can get whatever card stock or paper floats your boat and be as crazy or simplistic as you please.  The design consists of six different leaf shapes, separated into 3 pages so you can print it out one for each paper type.  Or you can do something crazy with it like I did and drop it into a paper cutting tool (I have a silhouette cameo, similar to a cricket cutter) and have that little buddy take care of all the cutting for you!

Normally I make my paper projects into a string and hang them up, but since I was making leaves it just made sense to strew them artfully about instead.  If you're looking to make your leaves similar to mine, I got my paper stock from Paper Source.  They have some really beautiful fibrous papers with gold patterning on them that really drive that fall feeling home for me.  Add a pumpkin and balance with some warm colored accents and there you have it — it's officially fall in your house!

Happy Decorating!

- The Lovely Red Fox

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