Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wandering in the Woods

Until somewhat recently in my life I had no real desire to travel or see the world.  I was content with finding the small pockets of mystery and wonder in the places close to home, and I didn't dream much of visiting a lot of places around the globe.  I think that that part of me has shifted recently, and now I
really want to see what the world has to offer.  I want to climb mountains and see the wonders of nature.  I want to see the tallest trees, the oldest rocks, and experience all the world has to offer.

I've always been adventurous, but it was different somehow.   This weekend we went walking in the woods to see the trees with all their beautiful colors.  We followed the trails off of the main path, and while it was no Acadia, it reminded me of that sense of adventure — the anticipation of what wonders might be waiting beyond that next tree.

This is the week of the trees' grand finale and I'm so glad we got the chance to see them as well as some other really beautiful aspects of nature.  So here's to my promise to myself to start planning the next adventure.  There is so much of the world to see!!!

- The Lovely Red Fox

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