Thursday, October 15, 2015

Easy Breezy Autumn

This is that time of year that everybody goes all crazy for our few weeks of sort-of fall and we all buy pumpkin spice lattes (not me, I love me a good caramel apple spice!) and dream of when we were kids and our plans for the day were jumping in a pile of leaves (now I'd be far too neurotic about the possibilities of bugs crawling around in there to enjoy it!) and smelling that fragrant apple cider that mom heated up on the stove.  It was exactly that wave of nostalgia that passed over me when I clicked "add to bag" for my "Assorted Coniferous Cones" tee.  That and I'm a sucker for anything mustard yellow :).

This particular plaid woven top might have been a touch too bulky to layer with this thin of a cardigan, but I was just oh so determined to put the two together that I don't even care.  It all just feels so classically fall.  Give me a camera, rockin' plaid and a shirt about pinecones any day, and I'm happy.  Oh, and a caramel apple spice wouldn't hurt.  I'd also like to note that I'm featuring these amazing shoes I got off Modcloth.  You can't put a price on good shoes, and these are so comfortable and wearable for work, walking, sitting at home watching netflix when you also want to be wearing shoes.  The sky's the limit, really.  And actually, you can put a price on them and it's $54.99 and worth every penny.  I can never find good, comfortable, reliable shoes.  

Modcloth Pine Cone Tee | Forever 21 Woven Plaid | Forever 21 Mustard Cardigan | Forever 21 Midrise jeans (love!!!) | Modcloth Readily Reliable Flat | Baby Brownie Camera

- The Lovely Red Fox

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