Friday, October 16, 2015

Fall-ing in Love with Shoes

Shoes and I often have a difficult relationship.  I don't buy them often enough because I hate breaking them in, but I am in constant need of good shoes because I wear through them quickly.  In college it
was walking all about campus, and now I'm on my feet at my job constantly, so my little feet houses get beat up fast!  Recently though, I've been looking at my slow growing shoe hoard and realizing that I might actually be a shoe person after all!   


Oxfords are one of my favorite styles of shoes, and quite possibly "the" favorite style for me. I love the laces and most of them look pretty sharp!  I like that they are somewhat formal/ put together but are also casual. 

I have many different pairs of versions of oxfords, including heels, classic oxfords, some with crazy patterns, and some that are more suede-y (is that a word even?  I mean really how could I just throw a nonsense word in there like that?  Guess we'll never know…), and I'm sure the collection will continue to grow!


Boots are my other favorite style for fall.  I really need to get a new pair of brown tall boots (you can probably tell from the picture below, they are past their expry date) this year, but I love lots of styles of boots.  I think of them when I want to add a little bit of an edgy feel to an outfit!  

What are your favorite fall shoes?

- The Lovely Red Fox

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