Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Acorn Pin DIY

What You'll Need:

- Sticky back felt in black, light brown, and medium brown

- Pin backs

- Scissors

- Acorn template

Getting Started:

Using the Acorn Template, cut out your black acorn opposite of the shape you want your acorn to make (flip template over), and cut out your light brown acorn in the correct shape.  Then use the acorn top portion of the acorn template to cut out your medium brown acorn top, as pictured above. 

Next, stick your black and light brown acorns together, with the sticky sides facing each other.  Flip your acorn so the light side is facing you, and stick on the acorn top. 

Finally, add your pin back to the black side of the acorn, and cut out a rectangle of felt to secure it (I would recommend actually hot gluing this part, the sticky back felt is not as strong as desired, and the acorn may fall off of the pin back if it is not glued)

Voila!  Now you have a festive acorn pin!

- The Lovely Red Fox

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