Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Space Styling: Styling the Couch

The weather is just starting to turn cooler around here, but as usual the weather can't make up it's mind— some days it is just above freezing, and others I feel silly wearing this pom pom hat outside because its so warm!  Regardless, its cozy week here on the blog and I'm kicking it off with a fun late
fall styling of our couch.  I'll admit that that giant mustard plaid pillow was an impulse buy…  I was having a bad day and saw that big puffy pillow and it was done. Then they didn't have a bag big enough for it, so I went to carry it to the car and as I neared the store exit I realized it was raining big time.  So here I am running through the rain with this giant pillow that is 1/3 the size of me… pretty much this pillow and I are meant to be.  I can shelter it from the rain and it can provide a fluffy hug when need be.  I see no downsides.

Also, it was really the pivotal pillow that pulled this couch together, so…

Pretty much when you're styling a couch you need to think about color palette, balance of prints, and texture.  On our couch I utilized two friendly plaids for fall, two neutral less dominant patterns, and two textures (corduroy couch and the wool braided pillow) that all work into my color palette of blues, taupe, cream, and gold/yellow.

Tune back in later this week to see how to make your own pillows as well as how to make your own wool braid pillow!

Taupe pillow from Home Goods | Taupe Geo Throw from Home Goods | Mustard Plaid Pillow from Target | Blue Plaid Pillow and Braided Wool Pillow make by me |

- The Lovely Red Fox

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