Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Love to Love: The Wardrobe and Musical Stylings of Panic! at the Disco

It might seem strange to say that a single band has had more influence over my style and aesthetic over the past decade than anything, but I'd be lying to tell you anything else.  Panic! at the Disco was the first real thing that I gravitated toward stylistically, musically, visually, etc.  Their wardrobe and
set style resonated deeply with me when I first discovered the band, and it still does hold a very dear place in my heart. The rich colors, and fabrics, the throwbacks to the victorian era, carnival themes,  steampunk, and more all come together to be this great thing and style that is very interesting to me.

Anthony Franco has been the band's stylist since the concert tour of their first album and is still styling them today.  He had made custom clothing for them through the years, beginning with the apparel for their Pretty Odd album.

Some of my favorite Panic! at the Disco styles through the years have been the victorian style jackets and vests, the juxtaposed patterns and fabrications of Pretty Odd, the various bow ties and vests, and of course, Ryan's scarves.  I think that Panic may very well be the original reason I gravitated toward collars and victorian styles, and a lot of the styles I keep coming back to.  There's some great fantastical element in all of it that I've always found alluring.  They have been a major inspiration to me. 

Most images were found online, however this last one I took at a concert in Chicago
during their Vices and Virtues tour.  I do not own any of the other images.

- The Lovely Red Fox

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