Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Spring Sweater Weather

Ahh, sweaters.  They are some of the most fun pieces, and yet they have a very limited window for their day in the sun —ahem, or should we say "day in the mostly cloudy"? I always find myself
stockpiling all the cute sweaters in my collection for that two week stretch in October/November when they are just right for the weather. But the fact is there are so many cute sweaters out there that are just right for spring!  I think we miss out on them because we're so ready for warm weather that we skip right from down coats to tank tops.  But really, 40-50 degree weather is perfect for some springy knits.

So this post is all about sweater styling for spring.  Usually a spring-y sweater will be a little more lightweight, or have a spring theme to it.  Regardless, they're great to pair with a pair of shorts or a cute skirt, but if it's too cool out for those options, a cute pair of jeans or chinos would be cute too.  Finally accessorize with some fun earrings or a floral headband (Florals, for spring?  How groundbreaking!).

- The Lovely Red Fox

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