Friday, May 27, 2016

Packing for the Trees

Not too long from now we'll be flying the friendly skies across the country to see some really, really big trees and partake in some wonderful rest and relaxation.  When we got back from Maine last year I
caught the travel bug, and over this winter we decided — we were going somewhere in June.  I came up with three different possible destinations and fun things to do at all of them.  We decided that the trees were calling, and now we've got ourselves all situated to go and hang with them.

I'm not an overnight camping kind of girl, but I do dig a good hike (or rather a whole week of good hikes) sandwiched by a stay at a hotel or inn with hot tub access and good food.   So now that we're all rearing to get going it's time to do that crucial packing thing— which is such a tricky thing when you want to pack light but also hike in style!

From everything I've read, the Redwood forests are located in a pretty temperate climate year-round, which I believe will mean ~50's, but it also seems that layers are key.  So I'm packing for a range of temperatures with lots of options!  Above is my basic packing plan, and below is the full list I'm planning to take to the trees.  I guess we'll see what all I actually use, but I hesitate to re-wear items because we'll be hiking and it could rain.  Here's to hoping for sunny skies!

- The Lovely Red Fox

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