Monday, May 9, 2016

Blog Yo Life Away

Hello, 50 and 60 degree days, and goodbye to winter and all your cold cruelty.  It seems that being born and raised in the midwest has come to mean we're here to stay, cold weather or no.  While I think it might be fun to live elsewhere, for now at least the midwest remains my home.  That doesn't mean we can relish in some sun now and then, and furthermore, have a great, warm summer complete with shorts and sandals and… (please hold while I close the window, it's too chilly outside…)

…Well, I guess despite the chilly temps we can still enjoy ourselves with a light jacket or kimono like the one above.  

So of course I had to buy this shirt.  It was a given, right?  I've been spending more of my days off "blogging all day" since it has been warmer and I can finally come out of hibernation.  Hats off to all the fashion bloggers out there who brave the snow and cold to take outfit photos.  While I can get a few in, I can't stand that cold consistently to take many sets of photos in the snow.  I'm sure they'd be cute, but most of the time I find myself rushing to get back to the heat in the car before my fingers fall off rather than producing quality images.  Maybe one day I'll get there.  For the foreseeable days I'll be relishing the sun.

I think spring is hands down my favorite season.  Every year I am awed with the beauty of the warm weather and the flourishing plants and flowers.  

- The Lovely Red Fox

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