Friday, May 13, 2016

A Lovely Red Fox Redesign

If you haven't yet noticed, or you read this blog via email or mobile on your phone, you may have missed some pretty crazy things going on on this blog.  It's spring, and seeing so much coming to life
outdoors has inspired me to bring this blog to life — including design-wise.  For so long I thought I'd keep the brown background and layout — web design was never my favorite thing to do, and having gone to school for design I've been far too embarrassed to ask/hire someone else to redesign this blog. But I guess something just came over me, and for about three days I was glued to my laptop in the living room combing through code, sketching in my sketchbook, and fiddling around in illustrator.

Here's what the design looked like before the redesign:  

While I've known and loved my site design for three years, I was really feeling a lightening up needed. I kept the header, because it has always felt very on-point to my whole 'cognarium' on here, and the photo was taken on the stairs at a house I loved living in in college.  It was the beginning of the cognarium, and very special to me and the creation of this blog.  

Blue and gold (or yellow) have always been colors I am drawn to, so it makes sense that a color change would take on a light blue hue.  The feathers also have a prominent place in my heart.  They harken to a certain quality of lightness, freedom, and wildness.  They also were key elements in my hat making way back when.  They still remind me of both my initial foray into fashion and the laid back 'fantastical' feeling that I feel when creating and styling.  

I designed a mouseover 'pin' button on the images (so pin away!), and I designed my own social media buttons too (they work! O.O), to fit the new color scheme: 

And finally, I made a bunch of changes to the post footers including more blue and a glittery feather to read more!   

Before making changes to footer:

After footer design:

So I'm excited to be changing things around on here. I may still make a few tweaks here and there, but I'm happy and it feels refreshed and new.  It makes me excited to produce more content and move forward!  Let me know what you think of the new design in the comments, but please be kind (I may love styling and design, but the land of web design is still a very confusing place to me)!

- The Lovely Red Fox

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