Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Creme Glacee All Day

Nothing beats a well balanced primary color outfit in my book.  Add in an ice cream sundae covered in caramel and pecans and there's no going back.  Even though it's not summer yet, I can feel that magical summer quality in the air— art fairs in the city, walking through town with an ice cream cone, and feeling the cool breeze off the lake.  I've always wanted to snag a few shots by this blue door for an outfit post and this one seemed to fit the bill to a T.  It's in a fairly busy area so I was apprehensive about going out on my own and running into a bunch of people to get my shots, but with Drew's help we got a bunch of good ones with minimal interruption.  

And as for the ice cream, well, it was delicious.  I don't actually eat that much ice cream, I'm more partial to sorbets, simply because the cream based type are quite heavy to me, and I'm a pretty cost-benefit analysis type gal.  But this ice cream was delicious because it stood for approaching summer, blogging, and well I mean there was caramel and pecans, so…..  :)

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- The Lovely Red Fox

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