Friday, May 6, 2016

Must Have Things (For Spring!) // It's a Spring Thing!

This spring there is an abundance of awesome merchandise out there, and I've rounded up some of my favorites out in the marketplace.  It's a pretty good mix of vendors and merchandise alike, some home
items, and some clothing pieces, and all are oh-so-cute!  This is not a paid post, it's just a bunch of stuff I found that I loved, and you might too!

1. Miss Patina Dress — £65.80
I found this shop through one of my favorite bloggers and instantly fell in love.  Most of their merchandise is in that school-girl vein that I love.  I love the silhouettes of pinafore dresses, and they have a ton of secretary bow blouses in fun quirky prints.  From what I can tell all their prices are in pounds, but I wonder if they would still ship to the states.  I hope so!

Always on the hunt for fun quirky pins, and a collection of bread pins seems to be a breadwinner (ah, puns.)!

3. Watermelon Cooler — $39.99
I saw this last year and was like, a watermelon cooler? Um, YES!  I didn't buy it then, but I'm thinking of getting it this year for picnics!  Can anyone say Ravinia (Pretty much only Chicagoans will get that)??  Funny thing is, I don't even like watermelon, but I think I can love it on a cooler. :)

4.  She Inside Blouse — $17.99
This would be an awesome festival blouse.  I could see it with a black brimmed hat and colorful earrings, southwest style boots and denim shorts.  Now I just need to find a festival to go to...

5. Modcloth Gold Utensils — $69.99
Yes. Whether it's a trend that's going to stay out in the world forever or not, I'll be rocking this whole gold thing far long after it goes out of style. 

Love love love  They have adorably quirky merchandise and this purse is one of my faves.  If you haven't, check out Emily Henderson's design of the office, and get an inside scoop of what these girls are all about. 

The button down skirt.  Becoming more and more of a classic season after season.  Nothing more really needs to be said.  It's a staple. 

8. Loly in the Sky Flats — $49.99
I just found this designer through Modcloth… amazing!  I want these and so many more, available through their website.  So cute and just my style. 

9. Miss Patina Pinafore — £28.80
Loving this skirt and the pink color for spring!

Collar pins are quite possibly my favorite accessory.  I love when I can find a bunch of them, and I don't feel like it happens that often!  Hello Holiday has struck gold with me as far as pins go.  They have a bunch and I am in love!

11. Kate Spade Stapler — $29.99
Her line of gold office accessories is the best.  I am not so slowly falling in love with this Kate of Spades.  I know they're a little pricey, but it's a gold stapler, people.

12. Modcloth Trench — $99.99
Crazy coats like this don't come along everyday.  This is a truly unique piece, and while I'm usually on the side of Neutral coats, this printed beauty could look really beautiful with some black cropped chinos, a nice cream blouse and a simple pair of nude heels.  Think about it. 

13. DENY Tapestry from UO — $69
I bought this last summer for our room, and I love the airy feel it gives every time I go in there.  It's calming and inspiring.  I am definitely on the tapestry train — its a cheaper alternative to a bunch of expensive art (although, I am still currently doing a gallery wall in the other room), and you can change them with the season if  you like!  Ours definitely makes a statement, and I'm loving it. 

14. Fox Pin from Top Vintage — $32.75
You know if I found a fox pin I had to add it to the list, right?  This and many other pieces from Top Vintage caught my eye.  It's a cool site with a lot of cute things, so glad I found it!

15. Modcloth bag — $69.99
This bag has been on my loved list for a little bit now, and I actually ended up getting a taupe/cream backpack recently so I probably won't end up buying this, but its really cute.  I had never really been that interested in light colored purses for fear of them getting dirty, but for some reason this year I'm just going for it.  Yolo, right?  They're great for spring.  Throw caution to the wind.

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