Friday, April 29, 2016

Easter Tablescapes and Florals

Though it's been a little while since Easter, I thought I'd still share with you my table styling from the event.  I've always loved entertaining, and whenever my parents host something with the family, I am put in charge of tablescapes.  For some reason I've collected more pastel dishware than is probably
advisable to admit, but it has meant that Easter is pretty successful in terms of what I'm able to do with the tables.  I love an eclectic style, so differing plates and napkin colors abound.


This year I decided to do something different and I bought a bunch of small plants (cat safe of course!) from a local houseplant store and planted them in teacups and other cute bowls I found at HomeGoods. I'm sure it will be a challenge for me to keep these little guys alive but I'll do my best.  I don't exactly have a green thumb, but it is nice to have some plant life in the apartment!

I also made a cake that looks like a bunny for dessert, and surrounded it with fresh berries and bright flowers form Trader Joe's.  I got the idea for the bunny cake from Pinterest, let me tell you, it was a struggle frosting this bunny buddy!

Last week I was feeling inspired by florals yet again and picked up a bouquet of Gerberas from Trader Joe's for the kitchen (and the video for the spring launch).  I'm loving how cute they are and they make me smile every time I see them.  

- The Lovely Red Fox

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