Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Lovely Red Fox Spring 2016: Cognarium Rising

Cognarium  [kog-nair-ee-uh m] — A fabricated mental space, where thoughts 
live freely and are cultivated, explored, and analyzed.  A thinking space. 

If you've had some familiarity with my work in college, you might know that a lot of it towards the end was focused on the idea of cognariums.  It's a word I made to describe a place to think, or even a
corner of mind where one may have a unique valley of ideas, thoughts, aspirations, etc.  Being a somewhat introverted individual, I spend a lot of time in a cognarium, keeping to myself, though that is not to say that cognariums are not meant to be shared.  I think of this blog as a cognarium, or a way to share my cognarium of ideas with others.

I made a series of videos that year about these cognariums, wandering in nature, quietly contemplating, and creating spaces that were a combination of new and old; breaking down barriers of indoors and outdoors, creating characters that lived in these alternate versions of our world. 

Cognarium Rising is not so much a revisitation of that headspace, so much as it is a recognition of it.  I think sometimes I lose sight of my unique cognarium, and forget with all the tumultuousness of life, that I need to continue to grow my own ideas and invest in myself and my person to make own life move in a direction I am happy with.  That is why I've chosen to relaunch this blog with this fashion video, and picking up this cognarium of mine and dusting it off.  I get so much joy from styling, writing, photographing, exploring new places, and creating things that I can put out into the world and share with others.  I look forward to a great 2016 realizing this cognarium.

- The Lovely Red Fox

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