Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spring Mix Up

It's that time of year again! I have been trying to do at least one post in my "mix-up" series each season to illustrate how easy it is to intermix pieces in many different outfits.  I think it's also fun to create small capsule wardrobes in your closet to make many different outfits convey a similar feel, but that is a different topic for a different day.  Today let's talk about 12 pieces can create 9 unique and fun outfits just by re-imagining how something can be worn.  Let's meet todays players:

Today we have three top options, two jackets, two dresses, two bottoms, and three accessories.  I chose two pieces that have a great colorful print for the season, and one black and white print.  The layering pieces are cute and trendy but ultimately neutral and therefore very versatile.  Let's play!

Outfit #1: 
Make the dress a little more casual by layering the sweater over it to make a really nice moment with lace and floral.  Many people forget that dresses are super versatile and can be worn in a number of different ways.  

Outfit #2: 
Tie a lightweight button down around your waist for an effortless look and a pop of color.

Outfit #3: 
Pulled back and casual.  Pair the cat graphic with some distressed denim and a nice colorful watch for a go-to look. 

Outfit #4:  
Grungy and girly, have some fun with lace and fur with the suede jacket and different lace trims.  Finish it off with a suede necklace for a 90's feel. 

Outfit #5: 
Layer it up with thin layers!  Use your button down as a light jacket and letter your inner cat meow with a great cat tee over the dress so it transforms into a great floral skirt look. 

Outfit #6:  
Another casual go-to, this one a bit warmer, pair the sweater with the jeans for a simple but slouchy/cute look.  The slouchy quality in the sweater will balance nicely with the distressed denim. 

Outfit #7: 
Again, your button down reinforces its versatility by acting as the shirt option, and the thin stripe balances with the bold floral pattern, pulling off a great example of print mixing.  Top it off with a neutral but cute cropped jacket and go about your day. 

Outfit #8:  
Let the dress shine.  Sometimes you just need to let that great statement piece speak the way it was always intended to.  Finish it off with some classic accessories and call it an afternoon at the coffee house. 

Outfit #9:

Layers, Layers, Layers!  Use the button down for its collar and sleeve accents and layer it under the sweater.  Then put the whole ensemble over the dress to create a balanced look of pastels pulled off with a great printed "skirt".

There are lots of ways to mix up your wardrobe and wear the same old pieces in new inventive ways.  Rise to the challenge and mix it up!

- The Lovely Red Fox

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