Thursday, April 21, 2016


I've had a pretty wide range of hair lengths during my time as a young adult — I seem to keep going from pixie cut to mid-length hair to pixie cut again. I've committed for about two and a half years to grow my hair longer than I've had it ever in my adult life.  The last time I can remember having waist length hair was in fourth grade (in a pretty memorable hair kerchief and rainbow choker 90's picture).  While I'm not quite to waist length yet, that is the goal in mind.  I stopped cutting my hair in November 2013, so this is about 2 1/2 years of growth.  It looks like in another two years I might actually reach that ideal hair length!  

In the mean time I'm enjoying having long hair.  I've always wanted to be a redhead, and I've dyed it in the past, but I think this is my favorite shade so far that I've done.  I love the orangey look to it; some dyes that I've used have ended up looking a little more unnatural (which is fine!), and I want it to be a little more natural redhead looking, so this is great!

I think now that I'm going to be 26 soon I'm starting to gravitate to a few more contemporary looking styles in clothing (but never fear, all adorable animals and quirky things will always have an important place in my life!).  This trapeze sweater dresses is one of those gravitations.  Sweater dresses have become a pretty serious love of mine even though I can't wear them that much (they get caught on things and ruined too easily, and I am constantly moving at work).  I like to wear them on the weekends to dinners with family, etc.  I love that they are comfortable and cute, as well as warm and snuggly.  I mean who doesn't love a snuggly sweater dress?

Forever 21 Trapeze Sweater Dress | Vintage Waist Belt | Modcloth Booties | Francesca's Watch | Forever 21 Necklace | Forever 21 Crossbody Purse | Francesca's Pom Pom Keychain | Francesca's Hair Clip

- The Lovely Red Fox

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