Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hello Valentine (A Belated Greeting)!

Even though Valentine's Day is over, I still wanted to share this festive feature I wore to meet up with my mom for brunch this past weekend.  Red is a very seasonal color for me, with brief spurts in the winter and late summer— not much time to shine!  It's not that I dislike red, but I feel like it has very
strong pulls to either the winter holidays or else the Fourth of July.  But this week was the perfect week to wear this great bright red coat I just got from Forever.  I got this coat for $7.  That's right, seven dollars. That's crazy.  It was originally $57 and then it went on sale and then sale went on additional 75% off and then this coat and I found each other and the coat was seven dollars and that was the end of it, really.

I'm often afraid to wear some of my more delicate brooches and pins, especially this one because the weight of the flower often makes the pin droop, which isn't too aesthetically pleasing.  Fortunately, the material from my miracle buy coat withstands the flower weight and makes for an excellent canvas for this unique piece!

Forever 21 Car Coat | Cashmere Scarf | Vintage Brooch | Vintage Waist Belt | Forever 21 Babydoll Dress | Vintage Heart Necklace from Drew | This Loves That Envelope Clutch | Forever 21 Pillow

Happy February, all!

- They Lovely Red Fox

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