Friday, January 31, 2020

The Blue - Green Wall

Some of you might remember our living room from posts I've written on our home decor for various holidays, but I don't believe I've ever shared on here the big update that we made a few months back.  When we first started decorating the house, we started with the living room first.  We probably spend the most amount of time in this room, as it's our tv room, and the room we gather in when we have guests.  We spent almost a year tracking down The Couch, and I spent the longest time debating how to hang our art in here that came with us from the old place and the old gallery wall.

But the biggest update in this room came when we finally painted the accent wall that separates our living room from the dining room.   As we finished piecing this room together, I was trying to find the perfect way to make this wall unique and tie it together with the other walls in the room without it just feeling like more of the same.  That was when I really started to fall in love with a bunch of rooms on Pinterest that featured all dark tones, especially in the wall color.  And then the idea of the dark green wall was born.

Truthfully, I'd had the paint color picked out for quite some time before we actually took the plunge and got our brushes out, because we were so busy wedding planning.  It was essentially one of the first things we did after we got home in July.  And we are so happy with the result.  We feel like it really rounds out the space and makes it feel whole.

Also, I am amazed at how well the color rendered in these photos, and I really feel like this might be the best set of photographs of this space that I've been able to shoot.  So check 'em out!  :)


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— The Lovely Red Fox

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