Thursday, January 30, 2020

What a Waterlogged Winter, My Deer

Sometimes I marvel at the irony of how hard I strive to make this blog feel as if I live in a much more rural setting than I actually do, while so many bloggers long for the urban feel.  Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but whenever I try to search for others in my area that have this same interest in life, I mainly discover people shooting at the Willis Tower Skydeck or Millenium Park/ the Museum Circuit.   And don't get me wrong, those places are awesome and fun, but I want my blog to feel quieter than all that.  I want my blog to feel like an escape to somewhere wild in a different sense... if that makes sense?

I long for that open field of tall grasses, or that foggy wooded abyss.  And sometimes I need to travel a while to get to it.   I'm constantly on the lookout for that perfect fallen tree, or a quiet stone bridge — things that can't really be found on a map.    I long to find that quiet hollow and capture its' beauty while it exists.

And sometimes while I'm shooting, despite being surrounded by city and urban buildup all around the patch of green I've found, nature surprises me with its' tenacity.   I'm always marveling at how they ended up in such a populated area, but sometimes I come across deer while I'm out in the woods.   And they're so quiet!  These two gorgeous creatures in the distance in the image above crossed my path right behind where I was shooting!  I suppose we long to steal away to the same places!

I wanted to get closer, but then the buck started sharpening his antlers on a nearby fence, so I thought it best not to push my luck!


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Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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