Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Coats in My Cart


Let's talk about coats, baby!

Oh, coats.  So very necessary if you live anywhere that dips below 50 degrees, and so very frustrating for a myriad of reasons!  

Let's be real — coats are usually either cute or warm — rarely both!

And for someone with a passion for fashion it feels a little depressing to sacrifice a perfectly good outfit to a frumpy lumpy looking outer layer.  Add in the fact that coats are almost always a high priced item, and you end up with a girl like me that almost never wants to shell out the dough for what is actually kind of a necessity.  

Not to mention, coats are notoriously difficult to style!  Take the one above for instance.  SUPER cute coat, and this one is actually warm.  But the only way that I could get it to sit nicely for photographs was styled open.  It is technically a woolen trench coat, and it came with a belt to tie to close.  Well trying to style it that way just was NOT working!  

Not surprisingly, I find myself being very picky when picking out outerwear, and am always on the hunt for beautiful and stylish coats to wear in the winter.  I do have a puffy down coat for those freezing days, but I want to source great fashion coats as well. 

So I've rounded up some of the ones I've been eyeing around the web just incase you've  been pining for a great outer layer as well!

Miss Patina

Ebury Coat  | Miss Marple Coat  |  Lavina Coat |  Edith Coat


Brown Plaid Coat  |  Cream Coat  |  Colorblock trench |  Tweed Coat  |  Leopard Coat


Cookie Pie Coat  |  Polka Dot Coat  |  Rust Tweed Coat  |  Green Coat  |  Plaid Duffle

Forever 21 + Unique Vintage

Forever 21 Coat  |  Unique Vintage Coat

Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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