Thursday, January 2, 2020

January in the Lagoons


A favorite winter trend that I've been loving for a couple of years now is that of confetti knits.   Right around this time of year I tend to notice that fashion takes a bit of a nap.  We're all so distracted with the holidays and our holly leaves and such that after the new year, I tend to notice fashion taking a halt and sleeping for a bit.  We retreat into our homes and appreciate that hygge mood and sip some tea and maybe hit the gym.  I feel like winter fashion really
doesn't get as much love as it should.  Perhaps part of that is that it's hard to appreciate fashion when its subfreezing temperatures outside!  I for one am all for hurrying to the next warm oasis!

But at least in my part of the world, we're experiencing a kind of strange winter season so far.  Up until December 31st, it hadn't snowed since October!  So all of our surrounding meadowland hasn't been blanketed with inches of snow yet — making for some really beautiful surroundings!  

So with those beautiful surroundings, I'm feeling a shift to pastels in my wardrobe, which is where I love the confetti knits coming into play.  I love that they mix cozy with colorful, keeping a winter wardrobe interesting, playful, and warm!




Francesca's Earrings, Mittens + Ear Warmer  |  Target Sweater  |  Forever 21 Layered Necklace  |  Ann Taylor Skirt (thrifted) 


Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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