Thursday, January 23, 2020

Lovin' the Wilderness

It's funny on these shorter days of the year, how it almost always feels like the day is ending and we're running out of time.  Even mid-day the sun hits a point in the sky where it streams through barren branches seemingly telling me, "make these last few beautiful hours count".  

We live near a college campus, and recently I was on a morning walk (if we're being totally honest, this was 1pm) while the students were on break.  The campus was completely still; the clouds were light and hazy.  And the sun streamed through the branches.  I checked my phone walking app, and my phone suddenly died; my walking music was yanked from earshot mid chorus.

And suddenly I was so alone.

Alone with the streams of light on foggy air.

And alone with the symphony of chirping birds inhabiting all of the branches of the surrounding trees.

It was a strikingly beautiful winter moment as I traversed the desolate school grounds, soaking it all in.  And in that moment, the winter sun was not rushing me anywhere.  

Instead it was saying, "Just stay here, and breathe this in".



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Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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